The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) has estimated that US companies are losing as much as $1 billion per month from espionage activities conducted against them by foreign intelligence agencies.

In Canada, there have been numerous examples of Canadian companies being victims of espionage activity. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has stated that ''certain foreign governments direct their departments, state-owned corporations and intelligence services to engage in economic espionage against Canada''.

But corporations are not only at risk from foreign espionage. Domestic spying by competitors, unethical private investigators and sometimes your own staff can place your company’s intellectual property at risk.

In the past, high technology eavesdropping devices were very expensive and only available to government spies. Today, sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment is available at many retail electronic stores.

CHRIS MATHERS INC. can conduct an expert examination of your office, home, telephone systems, computer networks and vehicles to detect the presence of illegal eavesdropping devices.

An examination typically begins with a physical inspection of the suspect locations. This examination is typically followed by a wide spectrum sweep for radio frequency (RF) transmitters. When required, more sophisticated detection techniques are employed to detect the presence of more esoteric technologies.



If you are losing information and you suspect that you are the victim of an electronic surveillance operation, chances are that you are wrong. The reality is that most information that is stolen from companies is stolen by people, not through the use of technology. Mounting an electronic surveillance operation against an organization is extremely expensive and labor-intensive. Bribing or extorting an employee is a much more cost-effective method of stealing secrets.

An electronic surveillance professional can only guarantee that a location is free of technical surveillance equipment at the time that the examination is conducted and the location is secured. Once a location is unsecured, it can no longer be considered free of devices.

If you suspect that there are electronic surveillance devices present at a location, DO NOT contact us from that location. Contact us from a secure “land line” telephone.

If you are involved in criminal activity, you may be the subject of a lawful interception of your private communications by the police or intelligence services. Our consultants are former law enforcement officers and they are able to determine if a device was installed by the police or a government agency. If they encounter such a device on your premises, WE WILL NOT DISCLOSE THE EXISTENCE OF THE DEVICE TO YOU.