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Imagine a world where every telephone call is monitored, every email and text message read.  A world where all of your most personal information can be stolen by cyber-criminals and offered for sale to the highest bidder.

How much risk are you taking each time you turn on your computer, surf the Internet or participate in social media?  We are all bombarded every day with emails designed to trick you into downloading malware onto your computer or your corporate network.   Who are the people that are working so hard to steal your identity?  What can you do to keep them in check?  

How do we protect ourselves and our businesses from an invisible enemy? As technology proliferates, what choices should you make?

 How much of your privacy will you be willing to give up for the sake of security?  Convenience?  Social Interaction?

Where will be as a society in 25 years?  What impact will the choices we make today have on privacy and security in the future.  And how will our government protect us?

Chris' insights into the world of organized crime and foreign intelligence and how the Internet is the new crime scene, will shock, inform and entertain you.  




  • Crime in Business and the Business of Crime:  
    • Have you ever wondered about the seedy underbelly of the business world? Chris Mathers will provide you with a glimpse of the business world of crime and espionage in this keynote address. As a veteran undercover agent at the RCMP and intelligence officer at one of the world’s largest forensic accounting firms, Chris has seen it all and is able to offer unique insights on this topic with his larger-than-life personality.


  • Do You Really Know Who You're Doing Business With?
    • No-nonsense explanation on why investigating the background of potential domestic and foreign business partners is important and what can happen when you don't.  Using real cases, Chris will explain the nuts and bolts of gathering information on individual and corporations around the world.
  • Fraud, Corruption and Money Laundering
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Management and/or Employee Misconduct


  • Travel Risks: How to Avoid Trouble; What to do If Trouble Finds You: 
    • Situational awareness while traveling abroad.
  • Safeguard reputations and ability to raise funds and conduct ethical business practices
  • Straight talk on crime: The Link Between Terrorism and Organized Crime.



  • My Life: 20 years Undercover:  The subject matter is not from a legal or academic perspective, but from a practical, often gritty one.  Chris’s approach is to take a complex subject and use plain language, the criminal vernacular and real experiences to illustrate the concepts of organized crime.

The following is a selection of the public sector groups, to which Chris has spoken recently: 

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

American Society for Industrial Security

Andorran Bankers Assoc. (Andorra)

Anti-Money Laundering Forum (Johannesburg)

Assoc. of Certified Fraud Examiners (Detroit, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Montreal, Panama, Toronto)

Assoc. for Corporate Growth (Canada)

Bahamas Assoc. of Compliance Officers

Bahrain Monetary Authority

Better Business Bureau (Calgary)

British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Building Owners and Managers Assoc. (Canada)

California District Attorney’s Investigators Assoc.

Canada / Europe Parliamentarians Assoc.

Canadian Assoc. of Life Underwriters

Canadian Assoc. of Special Investigation Units

Canadian Bar Association

Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian Club

Canadian Finance and Leasing Association

Canadian Financial Institutions - Computer Incident Response Team

Canadian Healthcare Anti-Fraud Assoc.

Canadian Institute for International Affairs

Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

Canadian Payments Assoc.

Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute

Canadian Real Estate Association

Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

Canadian Society for Industrial Security

Cayman Islands Bankers Assoc.

Cayman Islands Compliance Assoc.

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Chartered Professional Accountants (Ontario)

Chartered Professional Accountants (Saskatchewan)

Code of Conduct Bureau (Nigeria)

Council of Private Investigators (Ontario)

Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario

Criminal Intelligence Service Canada

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Nigeria)

Financial Executives International

Financial Stability Institute (Cape Town)

Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (Nigeria)

India Banking Assoc. (Mumbai)

Institute of Banking and Finance (Singapore)

Investment Industry Regulatory Assoc. (Canada)

Investment Funds Institute of Canada

L'Alliance des caisses populaires (Ontario)

Legal Education Society of Alberta

McMaster University World Congress on Financial Crime (Canada)

Michigan Council of Private Investigators (Detroit)

National Assoc. of Credit Risk Management

Nigerian Federal Police

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)

Ontario Hospital Association

Oman Monetary Authority

Ontario Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

Ontario Bar Assoc.

Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Public Policy Forum (Canada)

Qatar Bank Training Institute

Retail Council of Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Society of Fellows (Miami)

Ryerson University (Canada)

Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corporation

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saudi Arabian Investment Authority

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Seneca College (Canada)

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Canada, Cayman Islands, Panama)

South African Law Reform Society

South African Money Laundering Forum

Superbancaria (Colombia)

Superbancaria (Panama)

Superintendencia de Valores (Colombia)

Third Hemispheric Conference on Money Laundering (Panama)

Toronto Law Office Management Assoc.

Toronto Police Fraud Squad

Toronto Real Estate Board

Toronto Stock Exchange (Canada)

Transparency International

Turnaround Management Assoc. (Toronto)

University of the British West Indies (Barbados)

University of Toronto (Canada)

University of Waterloo (Canada)

University of Western Ontario (Canada)

West Coast Anti-Money Laundering Forum (San Francisco)

York University - Osgoode Hall Law School (Canada)

Young Presidents Association





















Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Cayman Islands)


Dead smart and tough. He’s one of the most dangerous men I know. Thank God he’s on the side of the good guys.
— Reid Morden, Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Chris Mathers is a human chameleon.
— Norman Inkster, Former Commissioner, RCMP, Past President of Interpol
Chris’ credibility and engaging approach will scare the hell out of your and keep you riveted at the same time.
— Ross Shafer, Host of FOX TV’s The Late Show