Our mission in supporting this charity is to serve the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous tribe in the hills of the remote Veraguas province in the Republic of Panama. Our efforts are directed at helping to provide much needed basic resources for infants and children, from ages 1 month through 10 years, who live in extreme poverty.  

Examples of assistance include, support for the purchase of a cooking range for a children’s nursery, to avoid cooking on an open fire on rocks, providing orthopaedic shoes for children and clothing to protect them from mosquitos.

The charity also provides basic school supplies which allow the children to have a bag to carry their books, shoes to avoid having to walk barefoot and a small snack to ensure that they have something to eat.  

Since Ngabe Kids is a foreign charity, there is no Canadian or U.S. tax deduction available for contributions.  

For more information please go to  http://www.ngabe-kids.com