Chris Mathers will be appearing on the Security Brief with Paul Viollis  Podcast Thursday September 25.  

See a preview of the show below:

"With $2.5 Trillion dollars laundered every year worldwide, money laundering is a not only a global issue but one that adversely affects all people regardless of their lot in life or net worth.  Recognizing the importance to educate our audience on this subject, we have put together a show that will take you through the process, the players, the effects and the suggestions on how you can avoid falling victim to it.  My feature guest will be one of, if not the most renowned money laundering expert in the world, Mr. Chris Mathers.  Chris will bring to bear his decades of undercover experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as all the work he continues to do in private practice.  Chris will be joined by intelligence expert and former Royal Martine Commando Frank Morey from the United Kingdom.  I assure you this, you don’t want to miss this show"


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